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Rover v8 su carbs

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Rover V8 Carb Conversion Kits

Dyson v8 absolute cordless vacuum. Victor tips, v8 overhaul, oiled up, check adjust brakes, s. Please do not leave feedback if you have a problem with a purchase until we have resolved the problem. These were found in an old garage unit that we have cleared and appear to be in working order, though in need of a good clean. Hif44 hif6 hs6 su carb carburettor gasket classic. Used rover v8 carbs spares repairs will need cleaning any questions please ask please see all pictures 2 form discription.

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Dyson v8animal handheld vacuum cleaner. Here we have a pair of professionally reconditioned hif6 su carburettors to suit the rover v8. Haynes hm10r v8 engine, multi. Inlet manifold and su carbs for rover v8 engine in good condition complete with linkages - ready to bolt on and use.

Mgb-gt v8 hif6 su carb float needle valve, seat. Dyson v8 animal absolute cordless vacuum cleaner. Daimler v8 salooncarb fuel pipesgood used item, clean, no splits, ready to fit. If you require a specific amount then please contact me and i can get your order made.

Here we have a pair of CD Stromberg carbs to complete with new airbox seals. Cash on collection from norwich due to weight. Would suggest getting them checked over before use. Brand new factory sealed! Also includes lpg mixer plates, fitted and a custom made stainless steel air filter box.There are two ways of removing the carbs, One is to remove the inlet manifold with the carbs on.

This photo shows the nuts at the back of the throttle linkage, and you can see that getting into them is tight, but using the obstruction spanner makes life much easier. These are going to be fitted to the Off-roader. I got Jacob to fit the SU carbs to the V8, as he wanted to have a go and he has smaller fingers than me! One tip I will give you is to make sure all the mounting studs and nuts are clean and easy to fit, a squirt of WD40 will help. You can tighten the nuts by hand when you fit the carbs and then you only need the spanner for the final nip.

After a couple of fresh gallons of petrol the V8 roared into life, a bit of tuning is needed to get it to run smooth, but I will cover that later.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. The last job to do is refit the fuel lines and vacuum pipe to the distributor.

rover v8 su carbs

About the Author: James. Hello, I'm James, I would like to inspire you with your Land Rover whether it be to re-build, modify or carry out maintainance on it, especially if your on a budget!!

I started my Land Rover affair when I was I bought a Series 3 that needed repairing to get it on the road.

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I quickly moved on to modifying Land Rovers and then Range Rovers, I did a lot of off roading in the 90's, I have done repairs for people on their Landies and broken a few for spares. I have had many, I stopped counting at 50 some good and some sheds. I really like spending time most of my time on, in and under Land Rovers have come to realise that I would like to share some of what I know with others.

Being a Yorkshire man I like to save money where ever I can and so I will be sharing any money saving tips and showing you the things I do to be more frugal. I hope you enjoy my blog, I look forward to hearing your comments. Related Posts. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.Hi I've hit the wall with a few problems I'm trying to sort out and wondered if anyone could poss.

I have three wire's coming from my distributor and I don't know what they need to be wired up to? Could anyone poss. Fuel feed should be the left carb in the picture, return to the right hand connection I think. Not sure about the distributor, not without knowing the model at any rate, Is it electronic ignition or points do you know?

Thats an old one! Looks like an SD1 engine, but the distributor vacuum capsule looks even older! Is this a converted points distributor? Those wires look like Lumenition to me! If it is, the wires go to a finned metal box. If I run an in-line electric fuel pump would I put a filter before or after the pump?

Lumenition unit?? What would I need? You could use a pressure regulator and not have a return, depends what sort of pump you're going to use? Lumenition units use a magnetic or optical sensor in place of the points, connected to an external amplifier box.

Or you can wire in a standard RR electronic dizzy, optionally using a GM amplifier module, or go distributorless and fit Megasquirt or Megajolt for toppermost sparkyness and tuning. The return has two restrictors, one at the carb end and one at the tank end.

Which are the push-on pipe fitting drilled with a little hole, instead of the 4mm one you would expect. It returns fuel to the tank all the while to reduce vapour lock when the engine is very hot. Does it work? I've messed mine around a lot and on two occasions we cable tied the return squished flat to stop flow.

Then it works okay. So fitting a pump that doesn't do more than 5psi and throwing the return system is workable.

HIF SU pressure is supposed to be 3. I can see what they were trying to do with vapour lock. We fixed it with a bonnet fan blowing down onto the carbs. It makes me think the return pipe isn't the full proper fix? Best advice I can give is stop the fuel line getting warmed up by the exhaust and things. My mistake has been a 7psi Facet red top pump, and then trying to let return pressure out through a relief valve.

I've totally failed the keep-it-simple test.By V8 50February 20, in International Forum. I'm looking for advice on setting the mixture on my SU carbs, I've tried searching but can't use the terms V8 or SU as they're less than 3 characters. I've found the two mixture screws but have no idea which way enriches and which leans out the mixture.

They are a very easy carb to strip down and clean, also gives you chance to re-set the float level if required. A simple tuning tool to use is the Gunsons colour tune, its gets reasonably close, available from Halfords, they also sell a cheap read pretty carp carb balancer. The mamual says to use a gas anyliser, I bought one, the range doesn't help set it so I now watch for the smoke.

Put a dot or line of paint on the screwheads so you can turn them equally. With out this I could not work out how much I had turned them. The cheapest tool to use is the gunsons carb balancer.

Disconnect the link between the the carbs and with the air filter off adjust the idle stop screw on each carb to get the same air flow through each carb. Now set the mixture - with the engine idling and the dashpots unscrewed lift the first piston about 1mm with a screwdriver.

The revs should drop slightly then stablise. If the revs go up or down you will adjust the mixture screw in or out. Thanks for all the helpful advice, I think that I've managed to get them to a reasonable state of tune, well there's no black smoke out of the exhaust and the fumes don't make your eyes water and your throat hurt any more! Obviously not on a then You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Land Rover 3.5 v8 no exhaust

International Forum Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 20, Afternoon I'm looking for advice on setting the mixture on my SU carbs, I've tried searching but can't use the terms V8 or SU as they're less than 3 characters. I've found the two mixture screws but have no idea which way enriches and which leans out the mixture Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Charles.

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SU HIF6 carb problems

Try google and search on 'tuning su', there are several guides. I keep a small srew driver in the motor so I can change it. Check your timing and plug gaps before you start.

First job is balance the airflow between the carbs.

rover v8 su carbs

Now do the other carb. Now go back and balance again, reconnect the link and you are done. Posted February 21, Thanks for all the help I've learnt to keep an eye on the oil level in the dash pots already cheers I'll have a go at them later and see what havoc I can causeThe most common question I am asked is about four barrel carburettors and inlet manifolds for the Rover V8 engine, so here's a few notes for you all:.

JWR Offenhauser dual port A very low, flat manifold specifically designed for cars with a very low bonnet line. The manifold sits well down in the valley but does not perform so well at high revs. I have driven a cc TR7V8 with one fitted and to be honest it was fine. Particularly suited where there is limited bonnet clearance such as in the TR7, Stag and for Capri and Cortina conversions.

The JWR part of the name comes from John Woolf Racing no connection who worked in collaboration with Offenhauser to design a Rover V8 Buick inlet manifold that would fit under the bonnet of typically smaller British cars.

It has an unusual dual port design. Offenhauser Their main Buick manifold, a good manifold for street or off-road use. Fine for racing provided you're keeping under about rpm. Offenhauser Offenhauser thermostat housing. Edelbrock performer Edelbrock's famous design that has been around for years now.

Again, perfectly OK for racing provided you're keeping under about rpm. According to Edelbrock, this manifold works best under rpm. Edelbrock Performer. Harcourt single plane An Australian designed, hi-rise, single plane manifold which requires considerable under-bonnet space.

It has a separate thermostat housing fitted to the manifold by two short heater hoses. I believe the manifolds are no longer made, but there are a few unused ones about.

As with all single plane manifolds, not ideal for road use as low end torque is compromised for top-end power. Harcourt single-plane manifold. Wildcat single plane A development of the Harcourt with the manifold and thermostat housing cast as one unit. This is the favoured manifold for serious race use. Wildcat single plane manifold. Huffaker single plane The manifold used by Leyland on the early TR7V8 rally cars later cars used fuel injection.

Quite rare. Many that I have seen have been modified by drag racers to take Nitrous Oxide. These can work surprisingly well but it requires considerable skill and time to modify one of these manifolds to take a 4 barrel carb and, it's probably better to by a new Edelbrock performer if you can afford it. I have seen a few around but not surprisingly the quality is variable.

Holley King of the street and track. The choice of all the professional racers in the USA, can be difficult to set up, but without doubt the best of the bunch. On a road-going cc engine stick to a cfm vacuum secondary unit. If racing the choice is or cfm, ideally as a double pumper. It's impossible to say which to use as you have to determine the dynamics and air flow requirements of your own engine. For example a 5. So you know the difference, a double pumper has throttle pumps on all 4 barrels and the second pair of barrels open mechanically.Rover V8 Carb Conversion Kits 4 Barrel Carb Conversion The simple, cost effective, bolt-on performance upgrade that is a direct replacement for the twin Stromberg or SU carbs offering easy starting, smooth running, transformed drive-ability and enhanced fuel economy.

A 4 barrel conversion will work well on its own, or in conjunction with an uprated cam or cylinder heads and can be re-jetted to suit if required. We offer several conversion kits for just about all applications and engine sizes, utilising either the Holley or Edelbrock carb paired with an inlet manifold and air cleaner to suit your performance and under bonnet clearance requirements.

To match your application, select a carb, inlet manifold and air cleaner from the options above. Note that we also supply items separately if required. Accessibility skip to main content. Triumph General Fasteners. Triumph Paint Chart. Triumph Engine Oil. MG Montego Parts. MG Maestro Parts. MG Gear. MG Engine Oil. MGB Engine Oil. Rover P6 3. Rover P5 3. Rover Montego Parts. Rover Maestro Parts. Rover Books and DVDs. Rover Oil Chart.Forums New posts. Resources Latest reviews. Media New media New comments.

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rover v8 su carbs

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Rover SD1 Carburettor Components - V8 SU HIF6 - 76-82

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SU Carb. Messages Points Being Slightly concerned about the reputation the weber has for not like cold humid conditions I am considering going for a SU carb as they have the reputation of being one of the best, but have no idea what I am looking for any help or direct links would be greatly appriacted. Also what price should I be looking at for one of these as I am assuming i won't need a twin carb set-up?

Messages 17 Points You will need an adaptor to fit it to the manifold so the carb sits in the correct poistion but the're not too difficlut to make. You will need a throttle cable aswell and some way of linking them up. They are worth it though. Jon v8 Trekker. Messages 1, Points Age I agree,the SU is by far the simplist,most reliable and effective carb - why the hell LR never used it in the first place I dont know.

For fine throttle control off road it is brilliant,you can set up a tickover so slow you can hardly hear it running to trickle along between trees,then stamp on it when you need quick power for a hill. What I've ended up with is a perfectly behaved engine that is totally trustworthy - a real pleasure to use. The Carb to manifold is not a problem as a mate owns his own precision eninerring company so he can knock up that part no bother.

Had a look at various Su carbs and they vary so much in size and twin set-ups that I was getting a bit lost.

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Jon v8 said:. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, Excellent I have just had a look at their system and think that will be getting put on the Xmas wish list. So does anybody know what size carb is suitable? Messages 5, Points Age Does it matter if I go bigger?

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